Monday, September 22, 2008

Gary Snyder's 2000 May Day toast, Portland OR

Let's drink a toast to all those farmers, workers, artists and intellectuals of the last one hundred years who, without thought of fame and profit, worked tirelessly in their dream of a worldwide socialist revolution. Who believed and hoped a new world was dawning, and that their work would contribute to a society in which one class does not exploit another, where one ethnic group or one nation does not try to expand itself over another, and where men and women live as equals. The people who nourished these hopes and dreams were sometimes foolishly blind to the opportunism of their own leadership, and many were led into ideological absurdities, but the great majority of them selflessly worked for socialism with the best of hearts...The failure of socialism is the tragedy of the 20th century, and we should honor the memory of those who struggled for the dream of what socialism might have been. And begin a new way again.

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