Monday, September 22, 2008

Hollis Frampton, 1984

The mind is a labyrinth. Sometimes it's just one of those very dull labyrinths where the rat runs around one way and he gets an electric shock and the other way he gets a grain of corn; and then there are other days when it's a labyrinth that consists of a straight line....I have all the time the sense that there are perilous random seas that surround all our discourses. We really are on little rafts and maybe we make it to the Fiji Islands and maybe we don't. But in trying to bring back something of the quality of the journey, we have got to talk about more than the raft....If there is not in the tale something of the quality of the random seas as well, then you have essentially falsified have, in the phrase of an old friend of mine, snipped off all the necktie ends to make it look as though the suitcase closed neatly. And...something I'm more interested in now (as I'm perhaps older or more confident or less reticent or something like that) is getting a sense of that into my work.

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